Criteria and Nomination Details

In concert with the WIC MACCS Mid-Atlantic Conference, leadership would like to highlight people that have played a pivotal role in mentoring women in the field of cardiology in each of the participating states. ACC members may self-nominate or nominate a mentor that played a pivotal role in your or a colleague’s career. Eligibility and details are below.

Eligible Nominees

All ACC members that are currently part of the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia chapters are eligible to receive the award. To be a part of the chapters your current year ACC dues must be paid in full.

How to Apply

A. Write a letter of nomination for yourself or someone else and save it as a PDF. The letter needs to include the following:
  1. Attestation that your nominee or you (if self-nominating) are members of the American College of Cardiology from one of these states: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia
  2. Name of Nominator (First, Last)
  3. Degrees
  4. Designations
  5. Practice/Institution
  6. City and State of Practice/Institution
  7. City and State of Residence
  8. ACC Chapter
  9. Indicate if this letter is for a nomination or a self-nomination                                          
  10. Name of Nominee (First, Last)
  11. Degrees of Nominee
  12. Designations of Nominee
  13. Practice/Institution of Nominee
  14. City State of Practice/Institution of Nominee
  15. City State of Residence of Nominee
  16. ACC Chapter of Nominee

B. Update your CV or obtain an updated CV. Save as a PDF.

C. Email both the letter of nomination (or self-nominating letter) and the updated/current CV to Chapter Executive Jennifer Ray Beckman (jennifer@marylandacc.org). Please note that by emailing the letter you represent the above and attached information is to be true to my knowledge. Any willful deceit or misrepresentations will disqualify the candidate for this award.

D. Inform the candidate that this is an in-person award presentation that will take place on the morning of April 29 at Heart House in Washington, DC and they should plan on coming to the presentation and if they so chosen, the meeting. While we are not able to pay for travel expenses, they will receive complimentary tickets to the Kick-off Cocktail event on Friday, April 28 at Heart House.

Mentorship Submission Timeline

Nominations should be submitted by March 1 by midnight (EST).  

Nominees will be informed on or before March 13 of their status.

Winners should expect to provide a headshot and bio sketch (300 words or less) about their career for publicity purposes by April 3.


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