Jeopardy Competition

Please carefully review the updated Jeopardy information below. 

MACCS chapters will contact training programs so they can participate on what will be ‘Jeopardy Saturdays’ in November, December and January 2020.

Background: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many state chapters plan to host a virtual annual ACC chapter meeting, in lieu of a live meeting. Consequently, a virtual Jeopardy state chapter competition is needed for state chapters to select their ACC.21 FIT Jeopardy team. 

BOG solution: In June, the BOG Jeopardy committee sent out a state chapter survey to assess the level of interest in a virtual state chapter FIT Jeopardy competition. Twenty-eight (28) state chapters responded to the survey. Of the 28 respondents, twelve (12) state chapters indicated their willingness to host a virtual state chapter FIT Jeopardy competition if this service was available and affordable. 

Based on the obtained information, the BOG Jeopardy committee and the BOG leadership (Dr. Dan Philbin, Dr. Joseph Marine and Dr. Akshay Khandelwal) explored several options for a virtual Jeopardy platform which meets the ACC’s educational and member engagement goals and objectives.  The MACCS chapters will join this effort in the way described below.

The BOG Jeopardy committee has partnered with an external company, TeamBonding to develop a virtual Jeopardy platform which meets our ACC goals. The platform can accommodate multiple teams (up to 125 Jeopardy teams) during a single session and allows for audience viewing and learning. There are several advantages and a few limitations. View generic demo: HEREAdvantages:  a) a seamless virtual Jeopardy competition with minimal technical glitches; b) the Jeopardy platform allows viewers to watch the live-game and learn from the Jeopardy questions; c) multiple teams can play simultaneously which limits the need to host several competitions, and eliminates potential concerns regarding viewers' recording and disseminating questions from the question bank; d) winners can be retroactively sorted via state chapter and/or region.  

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